Miss Ali


I am very glad to share what my life has been, working at this Institution. In 2000 after doing some evaluations and applications, I was chosen to be part of IMA´s team.

I was freaked out because it was going to be my very first time working at a Bilingual School.
The first grades I worked with, were 5th and 6th and I got really surprised to have observed the kid´s English level.

Then, I was moved to kindergarten, place where I had some of my memories. Teaching little kids was amazing because I learnt a lot from them while they were learning from me.

After that, I came back to primary school where I taught 2nd grade twice and then 4th grade.
Finally, I am at Secondary Section working with an excellent and well organized staff enjoying every single lesson with my teens and trying to do my best  not only for my but for my students.

After 10 years working here, I can proudly tell that IMA is one of the best options for parents who are concerned about their children´s education.

Miss Ali

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