Mrs. Yuliet García


I am a member of the Secondary School teaching staff. Working at IMA has considerably broadened my professional experience as an English Teacher, as an Academic Coordinator and as a human being as well. Every day I take on new challenges with my job which make it a highly demanding profession. However, I actually rate my currently level of great satisfaction as being more important than anything else in my professional career.

As an English teacher at IMA there is always a new topic to research, new teaching aids to prepare, new things to learn. There is constantly a compelling need to engage in closer dialogue with our students to know how they feel, what they need, what we can do for them not only academically speaking, but also for their present and future life.

As the head of the English Department I have particular responsibilities for the curriculum, for the teaching-learning process, for the students participation in the different events related to the English language. For instance, I have the responsibility for ensuring that the students get the Cambridge Certifications, participate in the school contests and enroll in the British English Olympics, a highly recognized international competition that is held in London, England every year.

As a human being, like every person at IMA, I am listened to, I am taken into account and I have the firm support of the institution every time I outline a set of proposals on the academic field. There is always room for improvement in our work.

I cordially invite you dearest reader to regularly visit our web site in order to catch up with the latest news about our school. I kindly invite you to be part of our close-knit family and join us in our everyday life.  It has been widely shared in our community that our students have a strong motivation to succeed, then let us be once more the inspiration behind their achievements.

“The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.”William Arthur Ward

Welcome to IMA!
Mrs. Yuliet García
English Coordinator
Secondary School

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